December 16, 2008

Snow or surprise? The obvious winner is ...

Having seen two white winters and then moving 3 hours behind time for the third winter to an area not at all known for its winters I thought my encounter with snow was over! But seems like it isn't yet over!

This weekend when he was planning a "surprise" party for me, weather decided to play spoilsport! So weather completely followed the weekend snow warnings to hold them true and down came the white from the blue!

In spite of the chills and no-thrills filled driving, the party rocked the weekend when everyone came to be involved in decorating the plot for the "surprise" (Should I call it "scare"?).

So the obvious winner to be crowned for the weekend is ... surprise! :)

July 20, 2008

A new beginning

Last two months of my otherwise "routine" life have witnessed scores of "special" moments!

Moments when I felt like I was on the "top of the world" when he slipped the ring of promise! (Is this the same song that I wanted to sing for "us" on the "D - day" ? ;-))

Moments when the pride of the degree being conferred on "us" overwhelmed me!
(Is this the Graduation ceremony that I was awaiting for 2 years!)

Moments when the meaning of "life" itself changed forever!
(Am I listening to Randy Pausch at my graduation ceremony?)

Moments when wonder seemed like a weak word to describe the picture portrayed by the power of falling waters !
(Am I lost in the mist of the majestic Niagara Falls?)

Moments when the abundance of glamor, beauty, lights, and grandeur hid the unrealities within that world!
(The Worlds Entertainment Capital at its best?)

Moments when the beauty of sunsets from the lake that overlooks my deck seemed like a fantasy!(Is this the house of my dreams?)

July 13, 2008


Welcome to "Word World" !
Visit again soon for more "words" !